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Bi-Colors SMD LED
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Communication Communication
Automotive Automotive
Sign & Signal Sign & Signal
Lighting Lighting
Industry Industry
Home Appliance Home Appliance
Lighting Fixture Lighting Fixture
Bi-Colors SMD LED
  1.6x1.5x0.55mm Blue/Super Red SMD (0605)
  1.6x1.5x0.55mm Blue/Super Yellow SMD (0605)
  1.6x1.5x0.55mm Super Yellow Green/Super Red SMD (0605)
  1.6x1.5x0.55mm Super Yellow Green/Super Yellow SMD (0605)
  1.6x1.5x0.55mm Super Amber/Cool White SMD (0605)
  3.2x2.7x1.1mm Super Yellow Green/Super Amber SMD (1210)
  3.2x2.7x1.1mm Blue/Super Red SMD (1210)
  3.2x2.7x1.1mm Blue/Super Yellow SMD (1210)

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